I make things happen.


Tania is a photo editor, art buyer, and producer based in NYC and LA. She will travel on assignment if you ask her nicely. Or not so nicely. Or not even if you phrase it as a question. 

She has print, web, e-commerce, and social media experience.  However, very little selfie experience. 

She has still life, reportage, and fashion shoot experience. Little food shoot experience, as she eats pretty much anything put in front of her before the assistants have gotten a chance to set up the lights.

She has years of photo research experience. However, the fruits of her research labor are usually delayed once she falls through the Wikipedia wormhole while gathering background info on the subjects. She would like to take this time to apologize to any designers who have waited on her. Those little blue links are hard to ignore.

She has produced shoots in other countries. This does not necessarily mean she is good enough at math to figure out that whole time difference thing.

She knows that if you need to, you can rent a monkey from that place on Long Island, a vintage car from that guy downtown, or a man, not necessarily described as good looking (or even showered) from that agency on Park Avenue.

She has experience negotiating rates, only because she thinks every dollar she saves the company will add to her paycheck. She is delusional.

She worked for a weekly. That was…alot of late dinners in the office.

She hardly ever takes sick days, mostly because there are no Kardashian reruns on in the middle of the week. If she does not come into work one day, check the morgue or the airport.

She doesn’t mind working hard. It allows her to make a big deal about how hard she works and makes her feel better about that whole Kardashian thing.

Her strengths include problem solving, being pro-active, and knowing how to figure out which capuccino has the sugar in it.  Her weaknesses include peanut butter, puppies, and plane tickets. 

She is allergic to panthers.


You can reach her at tania{dot}pirozzi{at}gmail{dot}com

You can see her Tumblr here.

Photo by Kathryn Allen Hurni.